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Spring Dormant Oil - (March/April)

A superior horticultural oil that minimizes the hatching of eggs and larvae before they get a chance to hatch out on your property.  This is the most important application of the season.  This application also helps control wholly adelgid, aphids, mites, scale, mealy bugs and a host of other defoliating insects.  Essential insect control for trees and shrubs. (ASD-1)

Spring Deep-Root Tree & Shrub Fertilization - (April/May)

A high nitrogen based, six month timed release in-ground fertilizer that feeds the primary root systems of your small trees, shrubs, ornamentals and hedge rows. Expect increased growth, better insect and disease control as well as richer fuller blooms. (ASDR-1)

Granular Birch and Holly minor control - (April/May)

A granular treatment for birch and Holy leaf minor or bronze birch borer. A must for all suspect birches and hollies. (ASBM)

Tick & Mosquito - (Seasonal)

100% Organic Application designed to repel mosquito's, gnats and any other flying insects. As well as all types of ticks, including the Lyme Disease Ticks. A must for any property prone to these problems. (ASLTF)

Soil Soak - (April 1st/October 31st)

Specifically designed for Long Island soils, a completely organic topical application enriches topsoil with fertilizer and nutrients that are naturally depleted from your property’s soil each season. A must for stressed trees, shrubs, and plants. (ASSS-1-4)

Deer Control (Seasonal)

Provides excellent control against damage from deer eating expensive plant material. A 100% organic combination of ingredients that smells like peppermint to us and creates a very strong flavor and smell that deer find unappetizing. A great solution to an increasingly costly problem. Each spray lasts 3-4 months.

First Stage Insect Control - (April/May)

A must for one of Long Island’s worst landscape pests, caterpillars and gypsy moth caterpillars. We use “BT” a living fungus applied foliarly to control and kill outbreaks of any type of inchworm or caterpillars. This is the first of 2 applications for this problem. (ASI-1)

Second Stage Insect Control - (May/June)

Done 7 to 21 Days after the first BT application is a follow up designed to control and eliminate any late instar inchworms and caterpillars. (ASI-2)

Third Stage Insect Control - (June/July)

Controls many of the early season insects your property plays host to in one of the peak hatching periods of the season. This spray controls any mealy bugs, scale, bag worms, aphids, mites, wholly adelgid, aphids and other chewing and sucking insects. (ASI-3)

Fourth Stage Insect Control - (July/August)

A Broad spectrum spray perfect for controlling the “Bugs” of the hot summer season. Helps control and eliminate wholly adelgid, aphids, mites, mealy bugs, scale, bag worms, and white flies as well as many other summer pests common to your property at this time of year. (ASI-4)

Fifth Stage Insect Control - (August/September)

Highly effective in controlling the onslaught of hot summer hatchings that come with the increased heat and humidity. Mealy bugs, aphids, lace bugs, white flies, spider mites, wholly adelgid, scale as well as a host of other hot weather insects. (ASI-5)

Sixth Stage Insect Control - (September/October)

A broad spectrum insecticide specially formulated to control the Indian Summer insects. White flies, lace bugs, aphids, spider mites, wholly adelgid, scale as well as many other of defoliating insects associated with the late summer season. (ASI-6)

Fall Deep Root Feeding - (October/November)

A compliment to our spring fertilizer designed to bed down your property for the long winter season. A six month time released, high phosphorous based fertilizer, our specially designed fall fertilizer also prevents against any root rot or girdle root. Unlike surface fertilizers that last a few short weeks, our fertilizer lasts a full six months. (ASDR-2)

Fall Dormant Oil Spray - (September/October)

A final step to complete insect control that takes care of all the remaining eggs and larvae on the property. This treatment combined with our spring dormant oil provides maximum egg and larvae control. (ASD-2)

Fungicide Spray

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Winter Vapo-Lok Protectorate - (October/November)

A new recommendation to be applied two times in the fall is a non-toxic, waxy application that locks in the moisture and prevents against windburn and winterburn that are common damage problems seen in the spring. This application is similar to the shrubs being wrapped in burlap. Long winters can often damage or kill low lying shrubs and ornamentals. Be safe, not sory. Applied 2 times in late fall/early winter.

Consulting Services

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